Cable Tie Installation Tools


An adjustable tool that installs all 18, 30 and 50 pound ties.  It is an ALL-METAL tool designed with a small handgrip and short stroke to minimize operator fatigue.  The P-200 provides uniform tension and cuts in one smooth stroke.​


A heavy-duty tool designed to be used with our 120 and 175 pound ties.  This rugged, all-metal tool allows the operator to adjust the strap to any required tension.  The strap is then easily cut.  Conveniently hangs from a work belt and built for durability and performance.​


The feather-weight, high quality, assembly-line tool is adjustable for the 18 through 50 pound ties.  With consistent and clean cuts, no sharp edges will interfere with your operators or your products. 


The slim-nose design allows for easy positioning in hard to reach areas, perfect for cable ties up to a 50 pound tensile strength.  The adjustable, pre-set tension results in uniform cable tie application with more efficient harnessing.​

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