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PVC Shrink Films​

Flxtite V-100

A non-shrink flexible PVC shrink film especially formulated for use on form-fill-seal equipment.


Ideal for textile packaging applications and for pouch and bag formation      

Flxtite V-220​

A 20% balanced PVC shrink film designed for applications where low shrink percentage and low shrink tension are required. It is ideally suited for overwrap products that are easily distorted, such as textile packages, stationery, greeting cards, lightweight board, magazines, posters, etc.

Flxtite V-440

A 40% general purpose biaxially oriented PVC shrink film offering outstanding optical properties, low haze and high gloss. It offers excellent machineability and wrinkle-free shrinkage on high profile and irregular-shaped products

Flxtite V-520

An all-purpose, 50%-20%, preferentially-oriented PVC shrink film with high cross direction shrink properties. Excellent optical properties. It offers excellent machineability on all equipment and is suitable for elongated products such as giftwrap, venetian blinds, etc.

Flxtite V-520BB

A preferential PVC shrink film specifically designed for carpet and remnant belly band wrapping. Its high clarity and excellent tensile and elongation properties make it an ideal film for automatic broadloom and carpet overwrap.

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