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Stretchwrap Machines

Stretchwrap Machines


  • ​​​​Stretchwrap machines can save you money in supplies by stretching the stretchfilm 250-300% more than a man can​

  • ​​​Stretchwrap machines help to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and promote a more secure and consistent load


Watch our videos to see how a stretchwrap machine can secure your pallets more securely and more efficiently than with hand stretchwrap

We carry a full line of stretchwrap machines to suit every need - ranging from entry level to robotic


MH-FG-2000N​​ Stretchwrap Machine


  • Automatic or Manual operation 

  • PLC (programmable logic controller) and screen controller

  • Automatic load-height sensor (ALHS) photo eye

  • Turntable resets automatically

  • Power pre-stretch unit

  • Soft start / soft stop turntable

  • Ramp attachment option


  • Power - 1.25kW​

  • Turntable Height - 3.4"

  • Fixed pre-stretch

  • Maximum Load Capacity - 4400 ​pounds

  • Maximum load height: 89"

  • Turntable Speed - up to 12 rpm

  • Production rate: 25 – 30 LPH

  • Floor space: 106"D x 50"W

  • Percentage of Pre-stretch - 250%

  • Shipping weight: 1,300 lbs


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