Thermoform Systems and Tray Sealing Systems


Vacuum Packaging can be done with thermoforming machines. Our DaVinci-T thermoform systems are Form-Fill-Seal style machines that form the package from rolls of packaging film (webbing). Products are loaded into the thermoformed pockets and the top web is laid and sealed under a vacuum, producing vacuum packaged products. Thermoform machines can greatly increase packaging production speed. Thermoformed plastics can be customized for size, color, clarity, and shape to fit products perfectly, creating a consistent appearance. Some common uses for Thermoform machines include:

  • Food packaging such as packaging for 

    • ​Fresh & Marinated Meat

    • ​​Sausage

    • ​​Cheese

    • ​Candy / Chocolate

    • ​Grain

    • ​Grab-and-Go Snacks (beef jerky, snack sticks)

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

  • ​Coins / Collectibles​​

Tray Sealing Machines


Tray sealing machines are a very popular food packaging machine and are used with frequency by supermarket suppliers because of the combination of quality presentation, a leakproof film seal and the option to gas-flush for extended shelf life. 


Our inline filling and sealing machines are an indexed conveyor system which can be built as a single lane or a multi-lane. All our machine models are designed for ease in operation and simplicity in maintenance. Our complete line of standard machines will be modified to meet the customer’s specifications.

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