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Thermoform Systems and Tray Sealing Systems


Vacuum Packaging can be done with thermoforming machines. Our DaVinci-T thermoform systems are Form-Fill-Seal style machines that form the package from rolls of packaging film (webbing). Products are loaded into the thermoformed pockets and the top web is laid and sealed under a vacuum, producing vacuum packaged products. Thermoform machines can greatly increase packaging production speed. Thermoformed plastics can be customized for size, color, clarity, and shape to fit products perfectly, creating a consistent appearance. Some common uses for Thermoform machines include:

  • Food packaging such as packaging for 

    • ​Fresh & Marinated Meat

    • ​​Sausage

    • ​​Cheese

    • ​Candy / Chocolate

    • ​Grain

    • ​Grab-and-Go Snacks (beef jerky, snack sticks)

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

  • ​Coins / Collectibles​​

DaVinci Freedom Thermoform Tray Systems
DaVinci Freedom Thermoform Tray Systems

Tray Sealing Machines


Tray sealing machines are a very popular food packaging machine and are used with frequency by supermarket suppliers because of the combination of quality presentation, a leakproof film seal and the option to gas-flush for extended shelf life. 


Our inline filling and sealing machines are an indexed conveyor system which can be built as a single lane or a multi-lane. All our machine models are designed for ease in operation and simplicity in maintenance. Our complete line of standard machines will be modified to meet the customer’s specifications.

DaVinci Tray Sealing Machine
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