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Industrial Scales​​

Counting Scales

Setra Quick Count​

Setra Quick Count - Industrial Counting Scale
  • The simple six key design of the Setra Quick Count Industrial Counting Scale allows the user to master scale operation in minutes, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

  • The Quick Count Scale displays any of six weighing units at the touch of a button. Count or weight information can be transmitted to a printer or to a computer via the standard RS-232 serial data interface.  Overload and shock protection combined with an elegantly simple load cell design makes the Quick Count Scale rugged, reliable, and accurate.


  • Accuracy Monitor. Special settings monitor the sampling process and, if necessary, cause the scale to prompt the operator if the number of pieces used in the sample is too small, or if the sample weight is insufficient.

  • ​Printing Data and/or bar codes may be accomplished in a single keystroke when a computer, tape or label printer is connected.

  • Programmable RS-232 output with ScriptCoder allows a custom label design to be printed to a dot matrix printer for text or a thermal label printer for bar codes.           Bi-directional data communications allow piece weights and commands to be downloaded from a computer.

Super Talk
Super Talk - Counting Scale Software
  • Super II to PC Communications Software

  • Setra Systems, Inc. introduces a new software product that is designed to facilitate the use of Setra’s popular Super II counting and weighing scale. Available on CD ROM, the SuperTalk program provides several very useful functions

  • ​SuperTalk enables a nearly effortless transfer of data files and transaction records resident in the Super II scale to a PC where they are stored in a format that is easily imported into popular spreadsheets and database applications

  • It also enables a nearly effortless transfer to a PC of macros that may have been written and stored in a Super II scale. Once stored in the PC, they can be easily transferred to other Super II scales so that the macro can be duplicated in any number of scales, providing identical scale operation at every workstation.

  • The program also allows the transfer and storage of Super II scale setups such as the print formats that may have been entered for a particular model printer, sample size and accuracy setups for sampling parts when counting, set points for activating alarms, special weighing units such as ounces, grains, kilograms etc. Any and all scale setups can, when using SuperTalk, be permanently stored in your PC, providing a backup if the setups in your scale are lost or inadvertently changed, and simplifying scale programming if new scales that must operate in exactly the same manner are later added to your packaging line. SuperTalk can also be used for editing setup information. For example, a macro developed for one workstation and one operator can be modified in SuperTalk to suit the needs of a similar application elsewhere that uses a different Super II scale.

  • ​SuperTalk files can be imported into other database applications and spreadsheets. In Microsoft™ Excel, for example, simply open the Transaction Log files using the File, Open, ‘All Files’ commands and the Excel Text Wizard will walk you through a fast and easy sequence that will place your file in the spreadsheet, just the way you want it. Additionally, existing Excel files that were not generated in a scale can also be exported and saved as SuperTalk files and downloaded into any number of Super II scales.​

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