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​​Label Applicators​​​​​/Printers

CTM Labeling Systems

CTM Labeling Applicators
  • From soup to nuts, cookies to ice cream, salsa to potato chips, CD's and DVD's, we have the perfect label applicator to suit your needs and requirements. Be it a large pail of pickles to a small vial of scented oil... if it needs a label, we've got your label applicator.


  • ​The CTM 360 Series Label Applicator is designed to fit a large spectrum of labeling projects. From Semi-Automatic labeling to the most demanding high-speed, close tolerance applications, one model fits all.


  • The 360a Series Label Applicator evolved from the industry standard 360 Series Platform. Many years of designing and manufacturing labeling solutions have forged design and control features specific to end user flexibility, performance and reliability. This migration of technological advancements in label applicators has again raised the performance bar.


  • The Print and Apply automatic labeling applicators offer options for practically any combination of requirements. Small labels, Large labels, High speeds, and Flexibility for quick changeovers in multiple-product runs even low volume runs.


  • ​​​​The CTM 3600-PA Printer Applicator is a high speed, thermal transfer labeler used to print and apply pressure sensitive labels to various products. A SATO or Zebra print engine is integrated into an applicator to form a self-contained unit to print variable data onto a label.

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