Duct Tapes, Gaffer's Tapes, Athletic Tapes, and Fiberglass Cloth Tapes​​​​​

Cloth Duct Tapes

These tapes are made from a cloth backing coated with a shiny waterproof polythylene coating.  They come in a wide range of grades from Utility grade up to Nuclear grade. Some grades are available in a wide range of colors. 


Duct tapes are hand tearable. We can also die-cut duct tapes to shape to meet production requirements or we can make small rolls for kits or retail sale.​

​Cloth Gaffer's Tape

Made from a denser cloth backing with a matte (dull) finish polyethylene coating.  They are available in a wide range of grades and colors. 

Gaffer's tapes are hand tearable.  We can also die-cut them for production requirements or we can make small rolls for kits or retail sale.

Cloth Friction Tape

Black cotton cloth with a non-corrosive rubber resin adhesive. Very flexible and hand tearable.  This is the perfect tape for wrapping wires, cables and harnesses to protect them from damage due to abrasion or handling.  It can also be used to wrap low voltage splices or for general electrical maintenance.​

Cloth Athletic Tapes

We carry the complete line of cloth athletic tapes from Jaybird & Mais.  We can offer stock sizes or we can produce custom sizes for your special requirement.

We can now print on Cloth Athletic ​Tape

Fiberglass Cloth Tape

High temperature fiberglass cloth tapes are the ideal situation for insulating pipes, wires, cables, harnesses, coils and more. They are available without adhesive or with silicone or thermosetting rubber adhesives for any application. Special constructions include aluminum and Teflon facings for plasma spraying, grit blasting and heat seal machinery.

Available in a wide range of grades.​

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