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Shrinkwrap Machines

Entry Level

Our entry level shrinkwrap machines are the perfect solution for many different sealing needs.  They are ideal for simple, convenient and low-cost packaging​ needs. These entry level shrinkwrap machines are a cost-effective way to package cassettes, compact disks, books, software, gift baskets, paper, pillows, linen sets, cookware, cosmetics, picture frames, prints, sandwiches, candies, fruits, not to mention thousands of other products.​

I Bar Sealer
I Bar Sealer
Impulse Sealer
Impulse Sealer


Model                              DP400-IS

Sealing arm length         16"

Max. film width               16"

Power supply                 110V

Shipping weight             14 lbs

FC-500 – I bar sealer

Sealing arm length                     20"

Max. film width                            18"

Max. film diameter                      9"

Power supply                              110V

Machine weight                          30 lbs

Simply place the bag between seal bars, press down and release!


  • Adjustable timer for different poly thicknesses

  • Available in 12" and 16" lengths

  • Seals bags up to 6 mil poly

Operation is fast and smooth: simply insert your product into the film, press the sealer arm down, turn the package to seal the open side, and shrink the film 


It's versatile, making possible the packaging of irregular shape packages and assortments of loose objects in any center-folded PVC, polyolefin, polypropylene and polyethylene film 


Compact and simple, it's shippable by UPS and ready to use with no special training

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