Extended Liner Tapes and Business Forms Tapes


Made from tissue paper soaked with a very aggressive rubber based adhesive. It sticks very well to a wide range of paper, light plastics and metal surfaces making it perferct for envelopes, bags, light signs business forms and more.

Available in a wide range of widths and lengths for automatic or manual application.​


​Hi-Lo Tapes

Double-coated tapes with a permanent adhesive on one side (Hi side) and a removable adhesive on the other (Lo side). The permanent side sticks to most surfaces and the removable side comes off cleanly. They are available in a wide range of widths and lengths for automatic or manual application.

Use them to make re-closable bags, temporay signs and displays, removable labels or to position materials during machining.​


Bag Making Tapes

These tapes have a plastic backing that can be side welded during the bag making process. 

Available in permenent and removable (reclosable) styles in a wide range of sizes. 

Although these tapes can come in shorter lengths for manual application they are designed for automatic application.

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