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​​​​​​​​​​Label Dispensers

Flex-Matic ​Flat Label Applicators

​Envelope and Flat Object Labeler

Label any flat object up to 1/4" thick and at speeds up to 1,000 pieces per hour
Flex-Matic Label Dispenser

Flex-Matic flat label dispensers/applicators enable the user to label all kinds of flat objects by simply setting the desired spacing using the digital readout and guides. Insert the flat object into the label dispenser and once the object is inserted the label is applied automatically. Then insert the next one, and as fast as you feed the machine, it will label! Bags, envelopes, pouches, PCBs, and even slimline CD/DVD cases. Loading is a “snap”, just feed the labels between the dispensing tables then through the patented feed-roll assembly and “snap” into place.

With a​ 5″ per second feed, most objects are labeled in less than 2 seconds

  • Label objects up to 1/4″ thick - from an envelope to a CD/DVD case, with the CD/DVD inside! You can even use it to seal a CD/DVD inside the envelope

  • Position adjustment is quick and easy - set the digital display to the desired vertical position, and set the guides to the desired horizontal position in inches to 1/10th of an inch

  • ACCURACTE - Can hold repetitive verticle positioning to 1/16″ or less on most objects. Holds 1/64th” horizontal accuracy on most objects

  • Label objects to 14″ width

  • Able to handle most plastic bags without difficulty

  • Labels over 1200 pcs per hour with average dexterity

  • Side frames are laser-cut from the drawing quality steel then formed, countersunk, and de-burred

  • Dispensing tables are formed out of 6061-T6 aluminum. The peel edge is hand milled to spec within .001″ using a special hand-made cutting tool to get that perfect peeling edge needed to dispense labels without tearing the backing paper

  • Dispensing tables are POLISHED with ultra-fine polishing compound so paper flows freely around the plate

  • The Flex+Matic uses DUAL motors that are shaded pole AC

  • Photodector activated - will work on all kinds of labels

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