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​Industrial ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Floor Scales

Standard Floor Scale

Standard Pallet Scale with Basic Digital Readout​

Industrial Floor Scales


  • ​​5,000 lb capacity x 1 lb increments

  • 4 ft x 4ft x 3" high platform

  • ​Bright LED readout with wall-mount bracket​​

  • Pushbutton keypad for zero, tare, gross/net, lb/kg, print

  • RS-232C built-in for printer or computer communication

  • Diamond tread top plate; 150% overload; NTEP certified

  • Shipped to your door factory precalibrated - - easy setup​

  • 2 year warranty parts and factory labor


  • ​​​Choice of capacities from 1000 lb to  20,000 lb

  • Light to Medium capacity weighing

  • Pallet Weighing / Shipping Scale / Receiving Scale

  • 3.5" high with adjustable legs


  • ​​Semi or Full Stainless Steel Construction for Harsh Environments

  • Stainless steel is available in Type 304 or Type 316 Grade

  • Diamond-tread or Smooth Top Plate

  • Swivel Self-Leveling Feet

  • Top access J-Box and leveling for in-ground applications

  • Approach Ramps, Bumper Guards, Guard Rails

  • Custom Consoles for Process Control, Counting, Batching or In/Out Truck Weighing

  • Pit Frames for in-ground use​

  • Customer specific modifications such as unusual platform sizes, special materials, paint  or coatings

Super Low Profile Industrial Floor Scales​​

Low Profile Floor Scales
Low Profile Floor Scales
TL Series Low Profile Industrial Floor Scales: 
  • Superior quality steel floor scales suitable for use in harsh environments

  • Smooth deck surface for easy cleaning. 1½" floor clearance and live side rails make handling difficult loads simple and error free

  • Includes NTEP approved hermetically sealed load cells and stainless steel junction box with 15 feet of 4 conductor cable

  • Ideal for weighing drums, barrels, handcarts and more 

  • Short approach ramps save space and are safer to use

  • ​Stainless steel or Mild steel surface

  • NTEP Approved hermetically sealed load cells are washdown safeOptional Ramps

  • Capacities from 1,000 to 6,000 lb

  • Platform sizes up to 4' x 6'​

  • Rugged construction perfect for harsh environments

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