​​​​​​Industrial Inkjet Printers​​

What can an inkjet printer from do for your packaging? Anything you need done, from printing your logo to coding. And the printer we supply will deliver crisp, legible type in a number of fonts. Hitachi ink jet printers print clearly on any product. 

Non-contact printing lets you print onto rough, bumpy or soft surfaces from any direction

Applications of Inkjet Printers

Hitachi's state-of-the-art printing technology has been well proven in over 25 years of performance. Hitachi PX Series of ink jet printers will print clearly and precisely on any product's packaging, and its non-contact printing will let you print onto rough, bumpy, or even soft surfaces from any direction. Hitachi Industrial Ink Jet Printers are suitable to a wide array of industrial production applications. ​

Examples of Printing
  • "Manufacturing Date" and "Use By​"​

2 Line

3 Line

  •  Bar Code

Different types of bar code are available : ITF, Code 39, NW-7 and EAN13​

  • Various Printing​​​

Line mixture and font mixture functions enable the following kinds of printing

Make your own characters and logos easily using the character design and registration function​

 ​Different font mixture ​

​Special Symbols

  • Various / Convenient Coding Function​

Various coding function​

Date/time automatic update 


The "Use by " date input can be made automatically in accordance with the manufacturing date​

Calendar substitution function 

Symbols can be input instead of actual dates​

Basic numbering function 

Numbering can be done incrementally or decrementally

Convenient Coding Function​

Reciprocative printing function 

Printing can be done both forwards and backwards

Speed follow-up function 

When the conveyer speed changes, the output pulse from the rotary encoder to the IJP keeps the print width constant

Recall/registration function 

Up to 150 different messages can easily be stored and recalled.

Password function 

The password is required to change print data and print setting, and to use the memory function.​

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