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Label Dispensers​​​​​​​

LDM Manual Label Dispensers

Convenient - Easy to Use - Durable - Economical


LDM Manual Label Dispensers ​are low-cost, heavy-duty manual label dispensers.  Simply pull on the tab to dispense the label

LDM Manual Label Dispenser
Available in 4 widths: LDM 250 (2.5″), LDM 450 (4.5″), LDM 850 (8.5″), and LDM 1250 (12.5″)
  • Manual multi roll label dispenser

  • Dispense any number of different rolls of labels independently up to the maximum width of the machine

  • Butt cut or die cut

  • Label boxes, envelopes, brochures, bottles, bags, cans, or anything that needs a label

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