​​​​​​Masking and Surface Protection Tapes

These masking and surface protection tapes are designed to protect finished and polished surfaces from dirt, grease and scratches during processing, handling and shipping.  They have special low tack adhesives that let them be removed without leaving any residue. They can be made from paper or plastic depending on  the application.​​​​

Protex brand surface protection tapes from MASK-OFF are available in a wide range of materials to suit any application from painting to sandblasting to high pressure solvent spray and much more. These tapes are made from a wide range of materials including paper, plastics and multi-layer laminations.

All Mask-Off products are made to order.

Paper Surface Protection Tape

Made from durable scratch resistant paper this is the perfect material for protecting acrylic plastic sheets (Lucite) from damage during cutting and gluing.  It's also great for protecting kitchen counters from damage during installation, renovation or painting.  It can be printed with custom information like usage instructions or with your corporate logo for product branding.  It also makes an excellent vinyl lettering application (transfer) tape.

Available in any width from 1/8" up to 48" wide. 

​PVC Surface Protection Tape

Popularly known as "Blue Skin" this tape is designed to stay on flat metal as it is bent, stamped, cut and drilled.  Its slippery surface acts as a lubricant during stamping and forming operations.  Commonly used to protect window and door frames from paint and stucco overspray during construction.  This tape will withstand up to a year of exterior exposure without falling off or leaving residue

Polyethylene Surface Protection Tape

Available in blue or clear. Works great on metals and plastics. It can also be used to protect carpets and other flooring from dirt and damage during construction or moving.​

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