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On-Demand Label Printing

Trojan 1 Applications


On-Demand Label Printing - Nutraceutical Labels

Nutraceutical Labels


Market growth, diverse product lines, increased competition and more stringent regulatory compliance demands require supplement manufacturers to continuously adapt supplement packaging and differentiate supplement labels from the competition.


The Trojan 1 on-demand label system can help supplement and pharmaceutical label printing:

  • Print dietary supplement labels in short-run quantities: Use pre-die-cut labels for each vitamin, herbal and sports nutrition supplement you produce and tailor production runs to meet demand. Lose the expense of printing and then carrying large inventories of nutritional supplement labels for each of your products.

  • Increase revenues by accepting private label customers: Don’t turn away “small order” private labeling because it’s too costly and time-consuming to purchase and apply labels in small quantities. The Trojan 1 makes it quick and cost-effective to print the exact number of digital color labels you need for each order – whether it’s in the 10’s or the 10,000’s – then rewind the labels onto rolls that are ready for the automatic label applicator in just minutes.

  • Strengthen your marketing with sales sample labels and prototypes: You want all your products to have crisp, professional packaging, including prototypes and sales samples of your new formulations. Using popular graphics software, your Trojan 1 pharmaceutical label printer systems can produce sample and prototype labels that make your products look second to none. These same advantages apply when you re-package and re-label imported supplements into individual bottles, jars, rounds and packs. No matter what combination of label content is required – logos, photos, brand images, supplement facts label panels, lot and batch numbers, best before and expiration dates, color codes, country of origin or manufacturer address – Trojan One makes it easy to print new labels that comply with domestic labeling regulations in-house.

  • ​Simplify packaging and compliance with GMP labeling guidelines: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) specify that labels must be separated to avoid applying the wrong label to the wrong product by mistake, and obsolete labels must be destroyed promptly. By integrating your digital label printer with your production software, you can print the correct quantity of supplement labels for each order, as needed.

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