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On-Demand Label Printing

Trojan 1 Applications

Tire Labels

On-Demand Label Printing - Tire Labels

Print what you want  -  When you want   On-demand  -  Onsite

The Tire Industry has desired  for many years to print what they wanted, when they wanted, on-demand, and onsite. In the past, the technology just could not copy with the stresses of printing tire labels. Either the print quality was too low, or the heat and pressure was too high. No longer. 

​With the Trojan 1 on-demand label system powered by Memjet technology, now printing tire labels is a breeze - in full HD color


Typically, it just very difficult to print tire labels due to the adhesive. It is super soft and gummy, so that it sticks to the tire well. But soft and gummy doesn't typically do well in printers - it oozes everywhere, making a maintenance nightmare. But because the Trojan 1 uses little to no pressure, suspending the labels between the feeder and winder systems, there is practically no ooze. And because the Memjet technology is inkjet based, there is no heat to accelerate the ooze. It's a match made in heaven!


In fact, 4 Memjet based printers have been printing millions of tire labels a month for tire compliance in Europe for over a year now. And the tire manufacture was so pleased, they bought 80 more units to roll out the app plant wide. 

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