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On-Demand Label Printing

Trojan 1 Applications

Carton Labels​​

On-Demand Label Printing - Carton Labels

Color carton labels increase product visibility

Manufacturers have two costly problems:


  • Shoppers have difficulty identifying a product on a high shelf when the only visible packaging is a small, monochrome label on a cardboard carton that is several feet away and turned on its side. 

  • ​When shoppers cannot see product details on a carton label, they tear open the box to see what’s inside. Unfortunately, companies that sell products in cartons and shipper packs on the shelves of stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco or Sam’s Club, suffer frequent losses because open boxes cannot be sold.

Enter the Trojan 1 On-Demand Label Printer, which lets you print color carton labels on-demand in short runs. In just minutes, manufacturers can print carton labels for each SKU and product. Include product photos or illustrations, as well as brand logos to let shoppers see what’s inside, identify the brand and reduce the risk of merchandise damaged by tearing boxes open. The same printer can also handle automatic identification and tracking information on carton product labels: part numbers, lot codes, batch code, barcodes, purchase order, country of origin, lists of carton contents and more.

Benefits of printing color carton labels with the Trojan 1 label system:
  • Prevent opened boxes – A large label with full-color photos of carton contents shows customers exactly what’s in the box.

  • Make labels visible from a distance – Large-size color carton labels are visible from a long distance to shoppers who look up at store shelves. Large barcodes on labels can be scanned from a distance by barcode scanners. With the Trojan 1, you can print labels up to 8.3” wide x 60” long, even rotating the print direction to take advantage of the length, if needed.

  • Improve warehousing – Color carton labels with photos, barcodes, part numbers and other identification help warehouse pickers store and select the right products.

  • Create a factory seal – With an intact photographic, color carton label wrapping a carton and carton flaps, it is obvious to retailers, customers and manufacturers alike whether or not the carton has been opened. Printing your own factory seal closure label prevents unauthorized returns of opened products and returns of used products.

  • Increase POP sales – Large items often are shelved on high racks in retail stores. Large-size carton labels with product photographs and logos attract shoppers and raise awareness of products on high shelves and in store overhang areas, where they’d otherwise go unnoticed.

  • ​Integrate branding and messaging – Color carton labels communicate brand identity in ways monochrome labels cannot. Integrate messaging and artwork from advertising campaigns onto carton labels and match colors to other packaging and promotions.

  • ​Meet retailer standards – On-demand label printing allows manufacturers to print color carton labels that easily meet (or exceed) retailer standards for product labels.

  • ​Reduce label costs: Forget about maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels for each variety of product. Print what you need, when you need it.

The Trojan One printer saves you time, money, shelf space and headaches by letting you print just one label or several thousand labels per batch – whatever you need. Respond to market changes or reworked produce formulations on the fly, printing what you need precisely when you need it – and with no dead label inventory.
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