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On-Demand Label Printing

Trojan 1 Applications

Coffee Labels

On-Demand Label Printing - Coffee Labels

Until now, independent coffee roasters could not afford to have a custom coffee label for each varietal and blend. The high cost of small-scale production made it hard to justify purchasing thousands of printed coffee labels for each coffee.


But now, the Trojan 1 On-Demand Label Printer makes coffee label printing easy and affordable; produce coffee labels and stickers in small quantities for bags, pouches and tins. Instead of using the same generic label for all your packaged coffees, Trojan 1 label system gives you the freedom to print any coffee label cost-effectively – whether you need 1 or 1,000.


The Trojan 1 On-Demand Label Printer​ is ideal for coffee roasters who need to print larger quantities of full-color coffee labels to keep up with demand. It makes color labels at an extremely low cost-per-label because the ink is especially affordable. That means your Trojan coffee label printer can incorporate photo-quality custom artwork that is ideal for private labeling. 


Whichever printer best fits your needs, the Trojan 1 helps roasters:


  • Produce coffee labels when you need them

  • Create artistic labels for new single origins and blends

  • Make seasonal coffee labels

  • Print retail and restaurant brand coffee labels

  • Even produce personalized labels as wedding favors and corporate gifts

  • ​The only limitation is your imagination.​

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