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Poly-Baggers Special Purpose Systems

US-6000 Carton Check-Weigh System

Polybagger US-6000 Carton Check Weigh System
Polybagger US-6000 Carton Check Weigh System

Accurate shipping is the final checklist item before your package is sent to its destination. Our polybagger check-weigh system is accurate within 5 grams. It is designed for cartons 3" x 3" to 18" x 24" and weighing up to 50 lbs. that are typically fed from a box taper. The belt and roller drives can be customized.


The package is weighed on the US-6000 polybagger and then fed onto a roller conveyor. A pusher assembly pushes the carton that does not meet the desired weight to the gravity reject roller conveyor.

Special Features:

  • ​​Pusher discharge/reject assembly

  • Driven roller exit conveyor (accept)

  • Gravity reject conveyor (reject)

  • Touch screen controlled

  • Full color

  • Over/Under/Accept display

  • 96 job saves

  • Accuracy chart & history

  • ​PLC operated​​

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