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Poly-Baggers Printers


Labelvie​​w ​Software​

Labelview Software

Labelview PRO Software

Label design software that is not only easy to use, but powerful. With full database editor, and a new database or manage your existing database. With over 500 drivers, including all APPI drivers, this software can be used throughout your plant. Please call for a free demo disk with full access rights for 30 days.


Labelview GOLD Software

With all the standard features of Labelview PRO plus many more, this software could quite possibly meet all of your printing requirements. Unlike Labelview PRO, the Gold version provides for pass-through printing, so you can use your existing software to generate labels. Network versions are also available only with Labelview Gold. Please call for a free demo disk with full access rights for 30 days.​

PP-2000 Printpad Printer Controller

Printpad Printer Controller

Download label formats and entire databases into the Printpad to print to up to 4 printers. At 1/2 the cost of PC's and with no software training required for operators, Printpad has several advantages over a PC. Print complex labels with graphics, serialized text and barcodes. Print data and time stamps, and log production information. With 8 line x 20-character display, full keyboard, upgradeable memory (with standard PCMCIA cards) and ability to process scanned input, this lightweight industrial unit is easy to justify over a PC.​

Label Matrix

Label Matrix

Import PCX graphics like those created by Paintbrush. Design your own label or choose from the generous selection of sample graphics provided. Easy to use pull down menus are fully supported with your mouse. Features include: internal databases, on-line help screens, full rotation and shading support for PCX, BMP and DIB images.​



With BarTender, a few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, test and graphics into sharp looking, professional quality labels. BarTender gives you total control over your label's appearance. Specify any size and quantity of bar codes and any size bar code languages, including all of the major symbologies, as well as two-dimensional and postal bar codes.​

Ribbons and Labels

Ribbons and Labels

One-stop shopping for ribbon and labels, thermal transfers, direct thermal printers, or not stamp printers. Expect only the highest quality inks and media to be supplied to suit your customer's expectations for the highest quality printed bags, film and labels. Ribbon in stock for most printers including all APPI Printers: Ti-1000, RAP-1400/2800, SAP and Satao, Fargo-Datamax, TEC, Zebra, APS, Comstar, Geo and many more. Our thermal transfer printer ribbon is specifically engineered to print directly to Pre-Opened Advanced Poly-Bags on Rolls (printed or non-printed) and other roll stock (printed or non-printed). Roll or case quantities are currently in stock, available in black and an assortment of colors!

Quick Check Barcode Verifier

Quick Check Barcode Verifier
Quick Check Barcode Verifier

QC-600 Barcode Verifier

Portable desktop verifier provides pass/fail results or detailed analysis of the barcode that can be printed for a permanent record. LCD 4 x 20-character display provides detail information on the scanned results. Choose from mouse (3, 5, 6, 10, or 20 mil sizes and pen wands (5, 6, or 10 mil sizes). Further specifications available upon request.


QC-800 Barcode Verifier

Press-side quality, portable desktop verifier provides detailed test results and analysis of barcodes. The QC-800 comes standard with a handheld laser bar code reader for simple "aim and shoot" verification. Not only a powerful measurement tool, the QC-800 also performs easy pass/fail tests and has an optional printer for a permanent record of results. With its large LCD display (4 lines, 20 characters per line), more in-depth details are easily viewed. A database download feature from the PC permits barcode validation in addition to barcode verification. Further specifications available upon request.


QCP-1000 Printer for QC-XXX Barcode Verifiers

Produce a hard copy record of your barcode test results with this optional printer. Uses standard paper spools.​​

QS-1000 Handheld Laser Scanner

Handheld Laser Scanner

Scanned input eliminates the possibility of keystroke errors that could cause printing errors. Scan part numbers (aim & shoot) to search databases and print without entering keystrokes. And, the QS1000 is built to be handled - a lot! So it's safe in manufacturing environments. Connect to any PC or to our Printpad.

DL-2200 Inline Barcode Verifier

DL-2200 Inline Barcode Verifier

Verify 100% of barcodes printed on our printers, including the Ti-1000 and Roll-a-Print printers. With a scan rate of 500 scans/second, the DL-2200 is capable of verifying barcodes inline with no production loss. If a barcode is not read, the print operation is halted and the operator is alerted with a fault message. Mounting brackets and interface cables are included.

​RS-10 Roll-to-Roll Rewind Unit

RS-10 Roll-to-Roll Rewind Unit

Retention, rewind rolls after printing on the Roll-a-Print to the proper configuration to run through a bagger. Rewinds several rolls at once. Variable speed controls, tension straps and Roll-a-Print compatible shafts included.

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