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​Poly-Bagger Printers​​​


RAP-1400 and RAP-2800

Polybagger Printers - Roll-a-Print

6 Printers in 1

  • Perforated or Pre-Opened Bags on Roll Printer - Print on non-printed or printed bags on rolls registering to the bag perforation or preprinted areas.

  • Roll Stock Printer - Print on film with the assurance of precise print registration with optical registration sensor. Or, set the repeat to print every 3", 10", or 20" for instance.

  • Add-on Printer - Have several baggers but no printers? Position the Roll-A-Print behind your bagger for inline printing. Or, need to add printer to the other side of the bag? Then add this printer to your bagger/printer combination for additional printing requirements.

  • Stand-alone Printer - With the winder attachment, print bags or roll stock film from a roll onto a roll, then rewind the rolls for later use on baggers or hand sealing equipment.

  • Inline Printer - Position the Roll-A-Print behind your existing bagger or form-fill-seal equipment. As your bagger feeds film, the print station supplies printed film on demand.

  • Two Color Printer - RAP-2800 has two print heads for two color printing. You select the ribbon colors.​​


  • Print up to 5" wide on films up to 14" wide.

  • Optical and perforation registration units.

  • Microprocessor controls with menu driven operator panel, status LED's and countdown counter.

  • Prints directly to the surface of the film with no head adjustments for variable media thickness.

  • Print on bags (Pre-Opened Advanced-Poly Bags on Rolls), roll stock, polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminated films. 


  • Three configurations available to meet your printing needs:

  • Top & bottom printer - Print both sides of your POR or Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls, up to 5" wide print and 14" wide film.

  • Two color printer - Print using two print heads, each with a different color ribbon, on one side of the film.

  • Side-by-side printer - with two print heads side by side, print up to 10" total print area width on film up to 28" width.​​​​

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