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Poly-Bagger Printers

Ti-1000Z Inline Thermal Transfer Printer

The latest in print head technology! The Ti-1000Z Thermal Transfer Polybagger printer incorporates Zebra's latest Higher Performance series print engine. It is perfectly integrated into the bagging operation with touch screen control over the entire bagging and printing system.

 It has the graphic capability to print bar codes, text, lines, logos and other custom graphics directly on the poly bag.

Floating-edge head eliminates the need to adjust the head for varying media thickness and allows for extended print head life.​

  • Graphic Capability: Print with a selection of over 60 fonts, 20 types of bar codes (including European specification bar codes), lines and graphic images.

  • High Quality Print: Printing at speeds of up to 14 inches per second* and up to 600 dpi, the Ti-1000Z produces clear, clean print.

  • Durability: Durable construction provides protection in heavy industrial manufacturing environments.

  • High System Performance: High throughput can be obtained with "on-the-fly" formatting. Faster downloading of large label formats is achieved with an onboard 16-bit CPU and large memory capacity.

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