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Poly-Baggers Special Purpose Systems

BF-4000 Box Filling System

BF-4000 Box Filling System
Polybagger - BF-4000 Box Filling System

For Automatically Counting Bags into Cartons


This side-by-side, automatic box filling polybagger system takes pre-made boxes and feeds them from a driven belt conveyor onto a loading station. Once filled, they are released on a return roller conveyor.


The BF-4000 box filling polybagger easily ties in with other infeed equipment such as horizontal and vertical conveyors, bagging machinery and rotary scales.​


Product (bags or loose parts) are counted as they feed into the cartons. When a carton is full, an accumulator closes above the carton allowing continuous feeding, while the next empty carton is fed into the loading position.


Other configurations are available, including in-line configurations, top & bottom configurations and counting or net weighing systems​

  • Pneumatic transfer arm

  • Photo eye with leading edge/delayed programming to count bags

  • Touch Screen controlled through T-1000 bagger (central operator panel)

  • ​Accumulator for continuous feeding operations

Driven Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Accumulating Funnel, Manual, One Year Parts Warranty Included​
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