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Poly-Baggers Special Purpose Systems​

ST-1000 Automatic Towel Packaging System​

ST-1000 Automatic Towel Packaging System
ST-1000 Automatic Towel Packaging System
The ST-1000 Automatic Towel Packaging System, featuring the T-1000 Poly-Bagger, relies on weighing instead of counting, so multiple lanes of towels can be fed simultaneously from the hopper onto a conveyor that advances the towels when the programmed weight is reached. We've even included a "dribble" mode to slowly "top off" each load so the accuracy is even more precise. This method allows the machine to run fully automatically - with no inspector - if towels have already been sorted or inspection is not otherwise needed. Projections suggest that the ST-1000 can weigh and polybag 10,000 towels per hour!​

Other improvements include a larger standard polybag capacity of up to 36" long and a motorized shaker assembly to settle and compress the contents of the bag.


The system is also designed to handle micro fiber towels, gloves, bar towels, mop heads, napkins, washcloths or other small/medium textiles.​

 Special Features

  • ​Recipe Management: Our latest Ver 8 touch screen with removable memory stick (or optional ethernet access card), for monitoring, remote backups and remote troubleshooting

  • Fully Integrated Controls: Controlled form a single operator panel

  • Patented Seal Operation - with Teflon shield and bag separation function​


  • Configuration: In-line

  • Electric: 110/220V, 60/50 Hz

  • Air: 60 psi/1.5cfm

  • ​Bag Size: 10" x 12" - 18" x 36"​

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