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Rice Lake Scales

Balance Scales and Counting Scales​

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​Equipoise Balance Scale

Equipoise Balance Scale

Balance scales are ideal for classrooms, laboratories, food companies, and industrial applications. These seven-button balances allow quick access to 13 different units of measure, percentage, counting and accumulating. 


A detachable enclosed weighing chamber is included in capacities below 1000 grams. Equipoise can be used with the included AC adapter or an on-board rechargeable battery that offers up to 40 hours of continuous operation. RS-232 output is standard on each model. RS-232 cable is optional.

Standard Features:

  • Capacities between 300g and 6000g

  • Internal resolution: 1/600,000

  • LCD display

  • Quick response

  • Accumulation, counting and percentage modes

  • 13 different units of measure

  • Detachable enclosed weighing chamber (in capacities <1kg)

  • Battery operation for up to 40 hours of continuous use (without backlight)

  • Standard RS-232 interface for connecting to printer or PC

  • Plastic enclosure

  • AC adapter

Counting Scales​
Industrial Counting Scale

An accurate counting scale can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.  

Here are four reasons to purchase a counting scale:  


Labor Reduction – Counting parts and identifying boxes by hand requires extensive manual labor.  A counting scale can reduce labor time and with the addition of barcode scanning and labeling, the total time of your transaction is reduced as well.

Material Saving – Shipping too many or too few parts can mean losing money or losing a customer.

Inventory Accuracy – Cycle counting improves inventory accuracy, which in turn, can result in increased productivity.

Customer Service – Having the right parts at the right time is essential for excellent customer service.

An accurate counting scale can be used in various part of your facility.  

Here are at least five places you can use a counting scale:


Receiving – Accurately verify the count of received goods.

Stockroom – Eliminate overages to the production floor and keep items in the stockroom.

Production – A precise count of goods sent to production floor keeps the assembly line moving and on schedule.

Quality Control – Fast cycle counting and package-count checks keep profits in your plant and customers happy.

Shipping – Eliminate over-shipments of products. Find extra parts and assemblies before the customer does.​

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