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On-Demand Label Printing

Rotary Wizard

The Rotary Wizard is an auto-registering modular rotary laminating and die-cutting machine. It is designed to take preprinted material on a roll and automatically position the rotary cutting die to cut the material in register with the printed image. The standard WF model operates with a non removable magnetic rotary die-cutting cylinder and utilizes economical flex dies. The modular machine as designed allows for many options to meet the final products requirements. Depending on the model, the die-cutting station uses a digital controlled operating system which allows for it to be used with pre-existing equipment, such as printing machines and other web or sheet fed machinery.

Auto-Registering Rotary Laminator & Converting Machine Specifications

​​​Models 1000-WF, 1350-WF​

** Standard Unwind Stands include manual braked unwind tension
Standard Operating Voltage: 230V 60\50 Hz single phase power​

Other Options Available:

• Final product rewinds

• Large diameter rewind units

• Large diameter unwind units

• Sheeted product collectors

• Stacking units

• Digital controlled product presentation conveyors

• Special operating voltage• Preset auto stop counter

• Job running counter

• Totals counter

• Pneumatic core chucks

• Web guide systems

• Razor slitting

• Rotary slitting

• Shingling conveyors

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