Custom Printed Tamper Evident Tapes

Surface printed stock tamper messages on 2.0mil polypropylene, with hot-melt adhesive, and #250 Grade reinforced gummed tape
Standard polypro roll sizes:

48mm (2”) x 50m (55yds)      36-rolls/case                   72mm (3”) x 50m (55yds)     24-rolls/case

48mm (2”) x 100m (110yds)    36-rolls/case                   72mm (3”) x 100m (110yds)   24-rolls/case

48mm (2”) x 914m (1,000yds) 6-rolls/case                    72mm (3”) x 914m (1,000yds) 4-rolls/case

Standard gummed tape roll sizes:
3” x 375’         8-rolls/case                  3” x 450’         10-rolls/case
We can custom print any of the tamper evident tapes with a company logo or message

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