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Custom Printed Tamper Red Tape

Custom Printed Tamper Red Tape

TAMPER-RED  tape is designed with a red colored bottom sheet to draw attention to tampering.  It cannot be removed without detection.  The oversized width (3.188"), prevents resealing with standard 3" tape.  This "tamper resistant" feature helps protect products and increases profitability.

With TAMPER-RED Tape, more cartons can be sealed in less time than any other method of closure. TAMPER-RED forms a strong bond to a corrugated box with a single rub of the hand on the tape.  With quick "application" time, your customers save time and increase productivity.

TAMPER-RED provides protection and security against tampering and/or pilferage of your products.  Corrugated cartons cannot be resealed without detection because the bottom sheet actually penetrates the carton's surface.

TAMPER-RED Stock Imprint (Printed in Red Ink)
  • Aside from being the finest tamper proof/evident box sealing tape, TAMPER-RED is also designed for strength.  Its base is one of the strongest gummed tapes made today, with a fiberglass pattern of (2-2-1-1-2-2) 1/2 centers in the machine direction, and the cross direction on 3/4 centers at 45°.

  • 96% of the total adhesion of reinforced tape to corrugated occurs within 3 seconds of application.  This "fast tack" assures closure on even the toughest carton-sealing application - (over-stressed, under-filled or recycled cartons), because TAMPER-RED adhesive becomes part of the carton.  This "fast tack" saves time and improves productivity labels.

TAMPER-RED can be applied either manually or with semi/fully automatic sealing equipment - eliminates the need to purchase different types of tape for each of your taping applications.  With the capacity of multiple sealing techniques, your customers will save time and money.

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