Twist-Tie​ Machines

Ti​e-Matic Machines

Tie-Matic HD38

Tie-Matic HD38 Twist Tie Machine
 ​Ideal for the food products industry, the HD38 provides an air-tight seal with a colorful twist​​​
Tie-Matic HD38 Specifications


Tie-Matic HD58 Twist Tie Machine

Perfect device for twist-tying bundles of cables, cords, disposable goods, tortillas, candy and so much more

Tie-Matic HD58 Specifications

Tie-ma​tic HD78​

Tie-Matic HD78 Twist Tie Machine
Let the HD78 do the work for you.  Simply insert your product into the throat of the machine to trigger the tying sensor.  In just one second,  you will have a perfectly twist-tied product
Tie-Matic HD78 Specifications

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