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On-Demand Label Printing

Trojan 1


On-Demand Label Accessories - Color Tools

Color Tools

Trojan Color Systems On-Demand Label Printing is are all about color and everything needed to produce the absolute best color possible. We take pride in not only understanding color, but in helping you understand and use color to your benefit. ​

Finishing​​ Equipment

Finishing Equipment is used to "finish" on-demand label printing. Some of the equipment hot stamps gold or silver foil, while others laminate and die cut the material or UV coat it. We have also included in this category some application equipment. We can help you select the most appropriate finishing equipment for your application. 

On-Demand Label Accessories - Finishing Equipment
  • Hot Stamping Machines

We offer a variety of Hot Stamping Machines. They come in single station and dual station. With a dual station die cutting machine, you can both hot stamp and die cut in a single pass. With our single station machine, you can still hot stamp and die cut, it just takes two passes. 

​Our hot stamping machines are highly accurate, and feature a 12" square die cutting/stamping area. They both feature the ability to laminate the labels as well. They run up to 16 inches per second, and are industrial machines. 

  • ​Rotary & Semi Rotary Die Cutting Machines

​There is a wide range of rotary and semi rotary die cutting machines that we recommend - and some we don't. We have worked with many of the manufactures, and know which ones best support the equipment they sell. We can assist you in purchasing the right finishing equipment for your Trojan 1 and application. Allow us to help you make the right decisions. ​

  • Manual Label Applicator

​​Apply labels to bottle, jars and other cylindrical products. Ideal for short runs, this applicator accurately places labels in the sample location consistently. It supports sizes as small as 0.5" up to 6.5" wide material. 

On-Demand Label Accessories - Manual Label Applicator


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