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Production Baggers/Auxiliary Infeed

​UCS 2400

UCS 2400 Production Polybagger
UCS 2400 Production Polybagger

This 3-in-1 system includes the following functions never before available in a single production polybagger machine:


 Vibratory Parts Counter

 Check-Weight Scale​​​​

Net-Weigh Scale


Functioning as a parts counter, the UCS-2400 performs to the same standard as our Model UC-2400 polybagger and includes: bulk supply hopper, high speed stainless steel bowl/drive, V-track belt for parts separation, high speed optical frame and accumulating/batch assembly.


Added check-weigh functionality now makes this an ideal situation for customers demanding perfect counts. After the batch count is complete, the scale weighs the batch and accepts or rejects the count. An auto-correct sequence is also available for undercount situations.​


Alternative mode of net-weigh counting is also available for larger batch counts. Instead of feeding just one part through an eye, larger counts can be achieved quickly by using the scale-only function. Bulk and dribble feed modes ensure accuracy since individual parts are fed as the final count is reached. 


This multi-mode polybagger system is perfect for users who package counts of 1 per bag or hundreds per bag. Recipe management allows for fast changeover from one mode to another, with minimal mechanical adjustments. The UCS-2400 system compliments our T-1000 Bagger as a complete solution for parts bagging.​​

  • ​Full color touch screen

  • Job save/recall recipe settings

  • Sampling/auto eye setup function

  • Scrap parts filtering

  • Auxiliary communications with networking capability

  • Adjustable center post stand

  • ​Settings to prevent overages​​

Scale Controller, Stand, Load Tray, Discharge Funnel, Manual, One Year Parts Warranty Included

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