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Production Baggers/Auxiliary Infeed​

US 5500

​Net-Weigh/Counting Scale

US-5500 Net Weigh Counting Scale

Take kit packaging to a new level with this production polybagger! The semi-automation that kit packagers demand has never been easier to use with the addition of partitions and LED lights on the traditional load table. The lights signal operators to feed kit components. When weights have been determined, the scale automatically feeds the polybagger and initiates cycle operation according to preset programming.​


  • Green LED lights indicate which part to load

  • LED switches from bin to bin as piece quantity is met

  • Up to six partitions, adjustable size

  • Up to 10,000 pieces per part number

  • Controlled by T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger/ touch screen controller

  • Recipe management with removable memory card and Microsoft Excel managment

  • Quick funnel change

Optional Equipment  

  • Various load cells

  • Barcode scanner to recall settings

  • Various funnel sizes, chutes

  • ​Bulk hopper for larger storage capacity

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