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Production Baggers/Auxiliary Infeed

US 9000

​Vibratory Bowl Net-Weigh Counting Scale

US 9000 Production Polybagger - Vibratory Bowl Net Weigh Counting Scale

For precision counting of parts that do not separate or run through a parts counter, the US-9000 production polybagger is the solution. Parts are fed at optimum speeds from a vibratory bowl feeder and are weighed in a scale accurate to 1/1000 of one pound. Perfect for accuracy of lighter parts and smaller batches that cannot be counted on a typical net weigh scale.​

  • Under/Target/Over readouts.

  • Integration-ready to the T-1000 Poly-Bagger.

  • Vibratory supply hopper with leveling arm/switch is standard.

  • Readout and weight update rate of 10 times per second.

  • Parts slide out of tray in a stream to decrease product jamming in funnels.

  • Overweight programming to halt system if out of the programmed weight range.

  • 24" stainless steel, tooled bowl with slide gate and wipers to adjust product volume.

  • Variable sampling, automatic zeroing, keyboard calibration are standard.

  • Count readout up to 50,000 pieces, or weight readout in pounds, kilograms or grams.​​

Scale Controller, Stand, Load Tray, Discharge Funnel, Manual, One Year Parts Warranty Included

**Tray can be larger to suit volume and size of product​

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