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On-Demand Custom Label Printing

Trojan One

Print what you want - When you want it​

Why waste labels and warehouse space? With the Trojan 1 quick label printer system, you only need to keep some blank white labels on hand. Then print what you want, when you want, on-demand, on site. It doesn’t get any more LEAN than that.​

Most businesses need labels of one kind or another. Whether it’s short run black or color label printing, variable data printing – or just fast output – Trojan Color Systems’ Memjet-based on-demand label printers, like the Trojan One printer, fit the bill.


The Trojan One On-Demand Label Printer allows you to print High Quality (1600dpi), High Speed (12 inches per second) labels and tags on demand. No more large quantity purchase to get your labels and tags. Print 1 label or 10,000 labels, it doesn't matter. It's as quick as clicking print from your application.

Print what you want - When you want it​

This revolutionary label printer is highly relevant if just one of these four statements applies to your label situation:

  • You use thermal transfer or laser printers to print variable data or overprint and would like to reduce your costs. 

  • You use labels from a third-party provider, printed in small amounts from various designs. 

  • You’d gain a competitive advantage by using color labels on your products instead of dull, low-quality black and white labels. 

  • ​You’d like to optimize your LEAN processes by reducing your pre-printed label inventory, and printing what you want, when you want it, on-demand, on site.

If you buy tens of thousands of dollars of labels to get a low price, and then end up throwing many away when the FDA, retailer or your marketing department changes the copy, you’re not getting a low price. In fact, you are paying much higher prices than you need too. 

Trojan One On-Demand Label Printer
Trojan One On-Demand Label Printer

The Trojan One was designed to be easy to use and easy to support.

With the Trojan Control panel, all aspects of quick on-demand label printing have become easier. Just tap the high capacitance touch screen to execute your command. Whether it's learning about a stored print job or reprinting it, checking ink levels or changing a print head, everything is just a touch away. The beautiful user interface was designed for ease of navigation and allows you to manage up to 5 printers simultaneously. Printing preview show you exactly what’s printing on each printers. And remote support, which gives you more uptime, means more on the bottom line.

​It's a control system worthy of the most advanced color label printer on the market.​

Trojan One On-Demand Label Printer

The Trojan One printer was designed by a team of leading printer experts. Not just engineers, but a team that has designed, manufactured, marketed and built a successful business around digital label printing technologies. The Trojanlabel team has extensive experience with Memjet printer technology.

What does that mean to you? A rock solid printer like no other.​​

The Trojan One can be run with or without the Trojan Control System. If you choose not to use the Trojan Control System, you can connect to your printer using any web browser, accessing the Trojan Control Lite, with the same easy to use interface. Not all the features of the Trojan Control will be there, but the key maintenance functions are just one click away.

But the advanced design doesn't stop there. In keeping with our second design goal, easy to support, the print engine can be easily removed without any special tools – just unplug five connectors and the engine slides right out. That means if you need always uptime, you can have a back up engine on site to get you up and running within minutes. And with our remote support options, allows us to support you without having to come one site.

​Always uptime – that means a better bottom line.

Trojan One On-Demand Label Printer

Print quality is everything. That’s why our unwinders and rewinders are designed to maximize print quality.

We control the tension 100% of the time. And because these winders are constantly monitored by the print engine (which we modified), the print engine stops when you run out of labels. When printing stops, the winders stop as well – preventing unneeded load on the engine. This extends the life of the engine, and enhances print quality. And with our robust design, you can load these winders up with a 12" roll of media. You'll get a nice tight rewind, as well.

But winders aren’t required; you can just as easily run fan fold media in the TrojanOne printer, as well.

The Trojan One is flexible, which means you can maximize your efficiency.​
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